Fundraising and Pitch Feedback for Startups — This is going to be BIG

I don’t “make you a better pitch deck”. This isn’t a branding or graphic design exercise. You’re about to quit your full time job or ask your closest connections to invest in your business—or you’ve already done that. You need more than window dressing—and you need it from someone who has actually been on the other side of the table. I’ve been in hundreds of partner meetings and can tell you firsthand how VCs think about opportunities. My experience isn’t advising—it’s actually investing. I’m there to tell you whether I would want to invest or not and why–and how I believe other investors are scoring the opportunity presented to them, whether they’re giving you that feedback or not. I don’t treat every opportunity as just a rewrite away from a successful fundraise. That’s patronizing—and disrespectful of a founder’s time and resources. I treat each company as one of 2000 opportunities a VC could see in a year to help explain the gap, based on firsthand experience, between where you are and where the 5 or 10 deals are that get across the line to an investment. I’m not here to support your startup or give you a pat on the back for deciding to launch something. I’m here to tell you hard truths about whether or not an investor is going to get behind this and whether something can be done to improve your chances. I’m quite sure you could get someone else to hear your pitch for less on an hourly basis—but not someone who has invested in as many companies as I’ve (or potentially any at all). Booking a session with me is far less than your opportunity cost of a premature resignation from your job, time wasted on a busted fundraise, or burning the social capital you earned in your professional network on an angel round that didn’t go further.

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