Winners announced for the Automotive Marketing & Communications Awards 2023.

Automotive Marketing & Communications Awards 2023 Winners Announced

The automotive industry is always looking for innovative ways to improve their marketing and communications strategies. These strategies are essential for building brand awareness and driving sales. In 2023, the Automotive Marketing & Communications Awards recognized the best campaigns and initiatives that brought success to the companies that implemented them. The winners of the 2023 Automotive Marketing & Communications Awards had their excellence in advertising and communications endeavors recognized, positioning them as industry leaders.

The Categories

The 2023 Automotive Marketing & Communications Awards featured a wide range of categories recognition, including:

  • Best Automotive Advertising Campaign
  • Best Use of Social Media
  • Best Website Design
  • Best Video Content
  • Best Automotive Event
  • Best Marketing Analytics Implementation
  • Best Integrated Campaign
  • Best Automotive Publication

The Winners

The winners of the 2023 Automotive Marketing & Communications Awards were truly outstanding. Here are the companies and campaigns that won recognition in each category:

Best Automotive Advertising Campaign: BMW

BMW’s “The Ultimate Driving Machine” campaign won this category for its innovative use of storytelling in its advertising. The campaign showcased the different BMW models and how they each provided a unique and enjoyable driving experience. It was widely praised for its attention to detail and the seamless integration of visuals that brought to life the BMW brand’s essence.

Best Use of Social Media: Chevrolet

Chevrolet’s “Find New Roads” campaign stood out in this category for its entertaining and educational content on social media platforms. Chevrolet leveraged TikTok to create creative and memorable social media content that garnered high engagement among its audience. Followers loved the humorous and exciting videos that featured the latest Chevrolet models and innovative features.

Best Website Design: Tesla

Tesla’s website reflects the brand’s innovative and forward-thinking approach to the automotive industry. The website has a clean and modern design, making it easy for visitors to navigate, interact with built-in tools for customization and vehicle comparisons, and learn about upcoming products and services. It speaks to Tesla’s commitment to not only selling cars but to creating an overall high-tech lifestyle of electric transport and sustainable living.

Ford was the most successful company in the 2023 Automotive Marketing & Communications Awards, winning four out of the nine categories. The Best Automotive Print Advertisement category was one of their awards. The company’s advertisement for the Ford F-150 Hybrid made an impact on readers for its inspiring headline and detailed visuals that illustrated the vehicle’s features and capabilities.

Best Video Content: Honda

Honda’s television advertisement for its 2023 Civic model won this category. The campaign conveyed the sense of freedom and driving enjoyment that Honda vehicles offer. This was demonstrated by the use of aurally and visually engaging content that reinforced the driving experience with a powerful soundtrack and vivid imagery. As such, it was able to stir emotion and inspire excitement among its audience within seconds of viewing.

Best Automotive Event: Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s “Volkswagen Weekend” event was the winner in this category. The company’s event brought together people of all ages in a fun, educational and informative setting, allowing visitors to learn more about Volkswagen vehicles, test drive modes, and socialize with like-minded automotive enthusiasts. It helped Volkswagen build stronger relationships with its customers, boosting brand loyalty and trust among visitors.

Best Marketing Analytics Implementation: Subaru

Subaru scooped this award for its investment in analytics that helped the company improve engagement and communication with its target audience. The company compiled detailed data about its consumers, including purchase patterns, interests and behavioral profiles. The information was used to develop more personalized marketing strategies and optimize promotional campaigns, increasing conversions and ultimately exceeding expected KPIs.

Best Integrated Campaign: Ford

Another award for Ford was in the Best Integrated Campaign category, which was awarded for its campaign that promoted its electric vehicles. The campaign featured a variety of communication channels from TV and online ads to events and influencer marketing, reaching a broad audience and reinforcing the brand’s commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility.

Best Automotive Publication: Motor Trend

The 2023 Automotive Marketing and Communications Awards also recognized the most outstanding publication in the industry. Motor Trend was the winner of this award, winning in recognition of its in-depth coverage, expert analysis, and timely reviews of the latest vehicles, technologies, and industry trends. It is an award that highlights the importance of the automotive media in steering the direction of the market, with objective assessments that help automotive makers develop the models and design features that consumers demand most.


The 2023 Automotive Marketing & Communications Awards confirmed the increased competitiveness of the automotive marketing industry, with companies continually striving for excellence in their communication strategies. Winning these awards not only helped companies solidify their brand image but also generated interest in the automotive industry at large. As business leaders evaluate the strategies that took companies to the top in 2023, they are also sure to be inspired to create innovative approaches in the future.

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