7 internships that will pay you to film and post TikToks

7 internships that will pay you to film and post TikToks
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If you like thinking up and filming TikToks, you can apply to these internships.

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  • As the creator economy grows, so does the number of companies looking for candidates who know TikTok.
  • Insider found currently listed internships that require skills in brainstorming, filming, editing, and posting TikToks.
  • Most are paid, but pay was not disclosed on all the listings, and some also offered college credit.

Your TikTok skills could get you paid.

Companies are looking for interns to help them with their TikToks.

One recruiter looking for talent in the creator economy previously told Insider that more companies are looking for social media and influencer marketing hires.

“They really want someone who knows TikTok,” said Kelly Gordon, a principal marketing agent at Creative People in New York City. She said stand-out candidates “understand who’s gaining traction on the different platforms” including TikTok.

Insider found eight internships listed right now that are looking for candidates who can ideate, film, and edit video for TikTok and other social media platforms.

TikTok Content Creator at Jetzy

Jetzy is a social media app for people around the world to connect with each other while traveling. Through the social network, travelers can meet in person or get local recommendations from each other.

The internship is remote or in New York City. Jetzy is looking for someone to create original content everyday on TikTok that’s up to date with trends and popular sounds on the app. Interns are responsible for building Jetzy’s TikTok following and views, and connecting with other creators to make branded content.

Interns should have prior experience with filming, editing, and using TikTok features, and at least one year of experience in the creative field, professionally or unprofessionally. They must also have “an upbeat personality” and love travel. 

TikTok Content Creator Intern at NoGood

NoGood is a marketing agency that has worked with Nike, Johnson & Johnson, and American Express.

The agency is looking for an intern “who lives and breathes” TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and other social media platforms. Interns should feel confident in front of a camera, and have passion for creating videos and static content. 

Interns should be aware of what’s trending in marketing, tech, and online to stay relevant. The job will include conceptualizing and creating TikTok and Instagram Reels content, and growing engagement and followers for NoGood. Interns also have to write and update articles on social media topics and the creator economy for NoGood’s blog.

Experience with either a professional or personal TikTok is required, as well as shooting and editing video, and researching and explaining topics.

The internship pays $16 an hour and is located in New York City, remote is not specified.

Marketing Intern (TikTok Content) at HABIT

HABIT is a skincare brand that makes an SPF mist. 

The company is looking for an intern to make video content and develop strategy for HABIT’s TikTok account that has almost 400,000 followers.

Interns will create video content on their own or with the HABIT team, and find other creators to make content with. They will also develop content strategy and stay up to date with TikTok trends. Interns must have experience with video editing software and transcription, and have to be comfortable with being on camera.

The internship is remote or in New York City, and offers either college credit or hourly pay.

Social Media Content Creator Intern at Las Vegas Premier Marketing

Las Vegas Premier Marketing is a marketing company that specializes in retail programs for its clients.

The company is looking for a content creator to grow its TikTok and Instagram accounts. Interns are responsible for conceptualizing videos, filming original video, and editing content. They also have to engage with followers and contribute to strategy for the channel.

Interns have to be comfortable being on camera, have over one year of experience in the creative field, have history with creating content for themselves or another brand, and knowledge of TikTok and Instagram Reels trends.

The role pays between $15 and $20 an hour, plus bonuses and incentives. The internship is not remote, and interns have to work on-site.

Video Content Creator and Video Production Paid Internship at Legacy EV

Legacy EV provides kits with car parts to help people converting to electric vehicles.

The company is looking for a content creator with a background in filming and editing to produce content for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Interns will record and edit videos that go on the company website, newsletter, social media platforms, and the YouTube channel. They will also be able to attend automotive events, educational classes, and other business activities.

Candidates should be going into sophomore, junior, or senior year, and be majoring or minoring in digital film, digital design, social media, or marketing.

The internship is on-site in Tempe, Arizona, and pays between $14 and $18.

Social Media Intern at Ghia

Ghia is a non-alcoholic apéritif.

Interns at Ghia will conceptualize and create content for the company’s TikTok page, as well as schedule and post the videos. They will also engage with Ghia’s TikTok community, stay up to date on trends, and create partnerships with other creators.

Candidates should have passion for hospitality, and the food and beverage industry. In lieu of a cover letter, candidates should submit a resume and a 30 to 60 second TikTok style video telling Ghia why they should be an intern.

Ghia offers a weekly Sweetgreen credit and competitive pay.

Social Media and Content Creation Intern at Rowan

Rowan is an ear piercing and jewelry company.

The company is looking for an intern to manage and create content for Rowan’s social media channels. The intern will be responsible for keeping up with social media trends, and conceptualizing, filming, and editing video content.

Interns are also responsible for working with the marketing team to build Rowan’s influencer program.

Candidates should have experience with filming and editing social media video, and currently studying marketing, communications, or a relevant degree.

The internship pays $16 an hour and is hybrid with candidates in New York City, Chicago, and Boston preferred.

TikTok Intern (Content Creator) at TravSolo

TravSolo is an app for solo travelers to create their itinerary and meet other people. The internship is remote or located in New York City.

The TikTok intern will work with TravSolo’s founder to build the company’s TikTok from scratch, and make content that follows TravSolo’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. The intern is responsible for increasing TravSolo’s followers and reach on TikTok, and find other travel creators to collaborate with.

Interns must have at least one year of experience using TikTok, including growing an account, general knowledge of social media tools, and general knowledge of how to manage email marketing campaigns.

Note: This internship is unpaid, but interns can get college credit.

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