Cultural influences in Indian startups thriving in the US

Cultural influences in Indian startups thriving in the US

India is the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world and increasingly offers new opportunities for entrepreneurs, who not only build businesses in India but also in international markets. 

Indian startups have taken the US entrepreneurial world by storm, grabbed attention and achieved great success. These startups bring their own distinct cultural sensibilities to their pure technical prowess.  Freshworks, InMobi, and CleverTap are among startups that were born in India but have created a space for themselves in the global market.

Here’s what makes Indian startups stand out.

Cultural values

Indian startups often champion cultural values ​​such as resilience, frugality, and the importance of family and community. These values ​​influence founders’ approach to business that emphasises long-term vision, ingenuity, and strong relationships. 


Indian culture has a long tradition of entrepreneurship and a history of successful family businesses. This tradition lays a solid foundation for Indian startups to expand into the US, fostering risk-taking, resilience and a drive to succeed. 

Economic innovation

The concept of ‘jugaad’ or thrifty innovation is deeply ingrained in Indian culture. Indian startups are bringing this mindset to the US by leveraging limited resources and finding innovative solutions to complex problems. This approach not only helps overcome challenges but also allows us to provide a cost-effective and scalable solution.

Values-based leadership

Indian startups often adopt a leadership style based on values ​​and ethics. Based on Indian philosophy, leaders value integrity, empathy and social responsibility. Our focus on ethical practices and community impact stands out in the competitive landscape of the US startup ecosystem.

Work ethic

Work ethic in Indian culture is characterized by hard work, perseverance and a strong commitment to achieving goals. Indian startup founders and employees bring that work ethic to the United States by devoting time and effort to making their ventures successful.


Indian startups promote an inclusive and diverse work environment that reflects India’s multicultural structure. This diversity brings people with different perspectives, experiences and expertise together to foster creativity, collaboration and innovation. 

Indian startups often mix elements of Indian and Western cultures to create a unique blend. This fusion manifests itself in product offering, branding and customer engagement to appeal to both Indian and international audiences. This allows us to bridge cultural gaps and establish a global presence.  

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti

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