Immerse yourself in creating fuzzy feelings – BIG Partnership | PR and Digital Marketing Communications Agency

Immerse yourself in creating fuzzy feelings - BIG Partnership | PR and Digital Marketing Communications Agency

“I do a lot of amateur drama in my spare time – and it’s that sort of producing and direction that I use when planning for an event. Ultimately, you just want to put on a bit of a show, don’t you?” I was explaining this to another delegate at last week’s EXPERIENCEit, a new conference and exhibition, launched by EVENTIT, and designed to support the growing market for event experiences. She nodded enthusiastically back at me. “Absolutely,” she agreed. “And that gives you a unique perspective of thinking about the audience. What is it that the end user is looking for?” It was exactly that perspective that I was considering when I attended the one-day event at the EICC in Edinburgh. The full programme included an opening keynote on Trends for 2024, and smaller breakout sessions with industry experts. These looked at topics including emerging technologies, DEI, and sustainability, sharing lots of interesting ‘golden’ nuggets. But it was the sessions and deep dives into event experiences that I was really interested in. Having managed an event last year for Fugro, ‘Turning the Tide’, I knew firsthand the impact that immersive conferences and exhibitions can have. Taking place during Offshore Europe, a biennial conference and exhibition, that now, in its 50 th year, has grown into one of the largest events of its kind in Europe, ‘Turning the Tide’ held its own as one of the most talked about evenings of the week. No easy feat when you’re competing against, on average, half a dozen parties and networking opportunities per night, over the four-day conference. When we initially met the client, the brief stated a TED-inspired event, that brought its messaging around innovation to life. Contrasting with this was their venue choice, the Aberdeen Music Hall, one of Scotland’s oldest and most historic concert halls. The team at Fugro wanted to engage and enthral audiences, leaving them with a ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ when they left. For me, this instantly meant a little razzle dazzle. That came in the form of an immersive event, using projection mapping and holographic projection during the five speaker presentations, and motion graphics for the keynote speaker. All of this helped us tell a story and bring it to life. A story that ultimately connected and engaged with our audiences. Being immersed in something is about being completely engaged in it. It’s about feeling involved, emotionally connected and 100% present in the moment. This doesn’t necessarily mean technical gimmicks or multi-sensory simulations – but there’s no denying that these help! I had been inspired by the pop-up museums and immersive theatre and concert productions that are commonplace just now. From stepping into Van Gogh’s world-famous paintings, to travelling through the seven continents of the world alongside Sir David Attenborough, or even watching Guys & Dolls from the Broadway smash’s fictional club, The Hotbox, people are craving more than just passive consumption; they want to be actively engaged and immersed in the story. Experiential events offer the perfect opportunity for attendees to capture and share such unique moments. Designed to be visually stunning and highly Instagrammable, they are irresistible to the selfie-loving generation. Whether it’s a colourful art installation or an interactive exhibit, attendees are encouraged to snap, post, and share their experiences, effectively turning them into brand ambassadors with just a single click. These types of activities can also tap into our innate desire for connection and community, while offering a reason to attend. Reports have suggested that Gen Z no longer ‘go-out’. Catching up in the pub isn’t enough anymore, they want something stimulating alongside it. Whether attending with friends or making new connections with fellow attendees, people crave shared experiences that foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Moreover, experiential events offer a much-needed escape from the mundane routines of daily life. In a world filled with constant noise and distractions, these provide a chance to disconnect from the outside world and immerse fully in the present moment. Attendees can temporarily leave their worries behind and embrace the joy of exploration and discovery. This type of connectivity can effectively close the gap between the user and the story being shared. It allows you to build a meaningful and memorable connection between the brand and the audience that creates fuzzy feelings and keeps audiences entertained, engaged and crucially, thirsty for more.
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