NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 Flagship Gaming GPU Rumored To Feature GDDR7 Memory & 384-bit Bus

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 Flagship Gaming GPU Rumored To Feature GDDR7 Memory & 384-bit Bus

NVIDIA’s next-gen GeForce RTX 50 “Blackwell” Gaming GPU flagship is expected to feature GDDR7 memory support, claims Kopite7kimi.

Kopite7kimi’s Recent Revelations Point Out To NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 Gaming GPU Flagship Featuring GDDR7 Memory Support

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 series is expected to utilize the Blackwell Gaming GPU architecture though a bit different from the one coming to HPC and AI customers next year. Currently, there have been roadmaps that point out to a 2025 launch but some rumors suggest that late 2024 is when we might get to see the latest graphics lineup.

Next-Gen Memory For Next-Gen Gaming GPUs!

However, today’s topic discusses the memory configuration which according to Kopite7kimi is going to make sure of the latest GDDR7 memory standard. The GDDR7 memory will evolve the GDDR6 & GDDR6X standard with even faster pin speeds and denser capacities. The initial dies utilize up to 24 Gb modules and and up to 32 Gbps speeds. These are the ones that will debut in 2024. There will be an even faster revision which is planned for 2026 but it is unlikely that NVIDIA would wait that long to use the latest memory technologies. Rather, that would be used by a new or a refreshed family.

Following is the bandwidth the 32 Gbps pin speeds would offer across multiple bus configurations:

Although the exact memory configurations aren’t mentioned for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 Flagship GPU, what is mentioned is that the card will feature a 384-bit bus interface so it seems like 512-bit may no longer be on the planning board or it is just meant for an even higher-end variant. The 384-bit memory bus suggests that we will either get the same 24 GB VRAM or 36 GB depending on the DRAM densities used. At the 32 Gbps speeds, the 384-bit bus interface would offer up to 1.5 TB/s of bandwidth which marks an increase of over 50% over the existing RTX 4090 GPUs.

Similar Founders Edition Design As The Leaked “4090 Ti” Prototype

Kopite7kimi also states that NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 50 Flagship GPU will feature a Founders Edition design similar to the leaked “GeForce RTX 4090 Ti” GPU which has appeared on several occasions. The graphics card features a quad-slot cooling solution with a unique side-mounted PCB design & power cables that are routed through large copper links around the body. If the same design will be used for RTX 50 GPUs, then we can definitely expect design updates in the final model versus the prototype solution that you can see below.

The information also mentions that the GB202 can arrive as early as next year. The GB203 could utilize a 256-bit bus interface while the GB204 and GB205 GPUs are said to be mutually exclusive.

Yesterday, RedGamingTech also highlighted similar specifications which are now verified by Kopite so it looks like things are really shaping up for NVIDIA’s next-gen lineup although the company is also prepping up its GeForce RTX 40 “SUPER” Refresh which will debut in January 2024 at CES and launched the same month if everything goes as planned. We definitely shouldn’t expect anything official on the RTX 50 GPUs this early from NVIDIA but we can expect more updates and leaks down the lane as we get closer to the next-gen gaming family.


Generation Pascal Turing Ampere Ada Lovelace Blackwell
Process Node TSMC 16nm TSMC 12nm Samsung 8nm TSMC 5nm TBD
Launch Year 2016 2018 2020 2022 2025
Ultra-Enthusiast SKU GP102 TU102 GA102 AD102 GB202
Enthusiast SKU GP104 TU104 GA102 AD103 GB203
High-End SKU GP104 TU106 GA104 AD104 GB205
Mainstream SKU GP106 TU106 GA106 AD106 GB206
Entry-Level SKU GP107 TU116/117 GA107 AD107 GB207
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