The Elder Scrolls 6 Will Skip PlayStation 5

The Elder Scrolls 6 Will Skip PlayStation 5
The Elder Scrolls 6 Will Skip PlayStation 5

The question as to whether or not The Elder Scrolls VI will be an Xbox exclusive may have finally been answered according to a new Microsoft document.

What is the latest information about The Elder Scrolls 6?

In a tweet on Monday, Axios reporter Stephen Totilo shared a recently unsealed document from Microsoft’s responses in the FTC vs. Microsoft trial. The document lists a handful of Bethesda titles, including The Elder Scrolls VI.

What’s interesting, though, is that the document refers to the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls title as an Xbox and PC exclusive, as well as noting that it is expected to release in “2026 or later.”

From Microsoft’s responses in the FTC vs Microsoft case. Elder Scrolls VI listed here as Xbox and PC and releasing 2026 or later.

During testimony at the hearing, Xbox’s Phil Spencer went on to say the game was at least five years out and platforms were technically TBD

— Stephen Totilo (@stephentotilo) September 18, 2023

The news may not come as a surprise given that recent Bethesda games, including 2023’s Starfield, have not end launched on PlayStation or any other platforms. However, the topic of The Elder Scrolls VI’s exclusivity has been a hot topic for discussion, and one that Xbox and its boss Phil Spencer has danced around a bit.

Earlier this year, other Microsoft documents suggested that the game could make its way to PlayStation. However, Sony doesn’t believe that the game will be made available to its platform, as the company said during the FTC trial that it believes Microsoft plans on making it exclusive.

Officially, platforms have not been confirmed for The Elder Scrolls 6 yet. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer previously hinted the game could be an Xbox exclusive, although previous documents submitted during the arguments have hinted the game may come to PS5 after all. Either way, you can see why Sony may be worried about the future of Call of Duty.

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