Using Emerging Technology – WGI

Using Emerging Technology - WGI

WGI Unleashed Podcast Episode 76, Jeff Brophy, VP PLACE On the latest episode of the WGI Unleashed podcast, we sit down with Jeff Brophy, WGI’s VP of PLACE, based out of our West Palm Beach, FL corporate office. WGI is an award-winning engineering services firm recognized for its exceptional service and innovative work in the design of technology-driven solutions for the construction and management of public infrastructure, real estate, and natural resources. As a national and multidisciplinary consulting firm, WGI uses a host of geospatial and survey technologies, including airborne lidar/imagery (both crewed and uncrewed), terrestrial mobile lidar, static scanning, ground penetrating radar, and sonar. The company works with hardware and software from several leading manufacturers, which requires an emphasis on easy-to-use survey products and rapid verification of geospatial data to maintain quality in their field operations. When they came upon a solution such as the Galaxy Onboard , it was a perfect fit with these values. Teledyne Optech Galaxy Onboard provides the following: Overall, Onboard will support sensor operators to action on data quality concerns in the air and organizations to reduce standby and rework costs. This means better adherence to schedules and commitments. Here’s what Mark Topping, Geospatial Technology Specialist III at WGI Geospatial, had to say: “As a long-time lidar sensor user with an understanding of Teledyne Optech sensors and workflows, I was looking forward to experiencing the Teledyne  Galaxy Onboard solution, and I admit to being impressed after a successful demonstration on one of our projects. The first words that come to mind are slick, easy to use, and a modern look and feel. The user interface provides the right amount of flexibility without being overcomplicated. At the hardware end, the wireless tablet and pilot display make things a lot easier in a confined space. The introduction of the Wi-Fi hub in small aircraft makes the sensor operators’ job much simpler. “We recently had an opportunity to use the new Teledyne Galaxy Onboard solution for an AEC project in the northeastern United States. Our client was interested in supporting as-built compliance by supplementing aerial lidar with traditional survey. An airborne survey of several large sites allowed significant time and cost savings by providing accurate planimetrics with a reduced ground effort. “The quality of field data is of primary importance to WGI, and being able to validate the quality while the crew is onsite is essential. When dealing with advanced technology across large-scale project environments, some failures are inevitable. However, effectively identifying and rapidly addressing data quality gaps is where emerging technology can be exploited to maintain project schedules and budgets. Galaxy Onboard’s real-time processing and QC reporting gave us confidence in data fidelity.” Click here to read the original press release from Teledyne. Are you interested in learning more about WGI’s use of emerging technology and how these innovative solutions can optimize your project’s cost and efficiency? Download our FREE Whitepaper today to uncover exclusive case studies and explore the cutting-edge lidar technologies that are shaping the future of survey and mapping activities across the nation! On the latest episode of the WGI Unleashed podcast, we sit down with Jeff Brophy, WGI’s VP of PLACE, based out of our West Palm Beach, FL corporate office. WGI welcomes its new Market Leader in Planning, Landscape Architecture, Environmental, and Mobility – Ramsay Bulkeley, an invaluable team member who will only further bolster WGI’s ability to execute its ambitious strategic growth plans. The new traffic management facility being constructed by ECRC and the Florida-Alabama TPO stands as yet another testament to WGI’s continued commitment to embracing technology, implementing thoughtful safety and security strategies and preserving the environment through design! With a legacy of supporting, empowering, & inspiring women in transportation, the WTS Central Florida’s Annual Awards & Scholarship Banquet was nothing short of a night to remember. WGI San Antonio brought the heat as the Title Sponsor of the 9th Annual Engineering BBQ Cook-Off presented by The University of Texas at San Antonio! Experience the extraordinary evolution of Clive Bar, located in the heart of Austin, TX’s, Rainey Street Historic District! From a historic bungalow to a stunning multi-level venue, Clive Bar’s story is as unique as its eclectic ambiance. You’ve been searching for a place like WGI. We look forward to meeting you soon. 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