Wisconsin Lawmakers Introduce Bill for Small Business Online Portal – Shepherd Express

Wisconsin Lawmakers Introduce Bill for Small Business Online Portal - Shepherd Express

Wisconsin State Capitol

On Thursday, a group of Wisconsin state lawmakers led by Representatives Robyn Vining, Francesca Hong, and Kalan Haywood, along with Senators Brad Pfaff and Melissa Agard, introduced legislation aimed at creating a comprehensive online portal for Wisconsinites seeking information on establishing, managing, and expanding small businesses. The proposed website seeks to simplify the process for both aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners by consolidating vital resources and state agency interactions.

Rep. Vining, a small business owner herself, underscored the need for this initiative, citing the challenges faced by Wisconsin’s small business community. She emphasized that while the state currently offers resources to assist business owners, these resources are often scattered across various platforms. The proposed bill aims to address this fragmentation, providing a unified digital hub for essential business-related information.

According to Rep. Vining, the impetus behind the legislation stems from Wisconsin’s small business landscape. Recent data from the 2020 census revealed that a staggering 99.4% of businesses in the state fall under the small business category. Moreover, nearly half of Wisconsin’s workforce is employed by small businesses. Since the summer of 2020, the state has experienced a surge in new business formations, averaging around 500 per month, a notable increase from the pre-pandemic range of 300-400.

As Rep. Vining observed, Wisconsin’s economic foundation is deeply rooted in small businesses, making it imperative to provide these rising entrepreneurs with cutting-edge digital tools to enhance competitiveness. By consolidating information and streamlining state agency interactions, this legislative effort aims to bolster struggling businesses, enhance accessibility to government services, and potentially generate new, well-paying jobs for Wisconsin residents.

The proposed online portal for small businesses is expected to serve as a valuable resource, fostering an environment conducive to entrepreneurial growth and economic vitality in the state.

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