Emerging Technology – September 2023

Emerging Technology – September 2023


Robotics Role in Public Safety a new Robot dog called spot a four-legged friend. This dog can climb, and remove packages involving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives materials. Thermal camera can detect hot spots in buildings and provides a 360-degree view. If the robot falls, it can easily get back up by pressing a button without any other assistance to self-right itself. Operator range is 1Km extended operation can be done using repeaters. Can carry in various detectors to detect chemical and radiological hazards at a safe distance.
E-Book – Public Safety (A4) (bostondynamics.com)

Drones for Telecommunications tower Infrastructure

Drone Technology Event
Future of Drones and Autonomous Flight per Skydio Sept 20, 2023 9:00am PDT

Drone Technology in Schools an Overview
Skydio in the Classroom: Purdue Professor Speaks On Autonomous Drones in Higher Ed – YouTube

Drone Full Cell Tower inspection in 30 mins or less with 3D Scan.
Cell Tower Inspection & Telecommunication Drones | Skydio | Skydio

NIST seeks Input on Implementation of National Standards Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technology.
Link here | NIST

NIST develop Single-Photon Sources and Detectors Dictionary to aid in modern medicine, quantum processing used in individual cell research, quantum networks, imaging and measurement of nanoparticle sizing.
Unity in the Photon Community | NIST

Suns solar cycle activity is more powerful and surprising than predicted. Taking out 36 of 49 Starlink satellites due to air density increasing satellite drag.
This solar cycle, the sun’s activity is more powerful and surprising than predicted (phys.org)

Energy – Nevada Supervolcano McDermitt Caldera may contain world’s largest Lithium deposit.
Link here (fox10phoenix.com)


NIST Release Version 1.0 of Privacy Framework
Link here | NIST

NIST offers Quick start guide for its security and privacy safeguards catalog
Link here | NIST

History On 4 August 1945, the Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer organization presented a hand-carved replica of the Great Seal of the United States to US Ambassador Averell Harriman, as a gesture of friendship to their World War II ally. The seal contained a radio which contained no power source or wires of its own. Instead, to function the device would be “illuminated” by a strong microwave carrier from outside the building, this would power it on and transmit modulated audio from inside the building to a receiver located outside the building.
The Thing (cryptomuseum.com)


Public Safety and Homeland security bureau reminds EAS and WEA participants of requirement to transmit accessible alerts during nationwide alerting testing on October 4, 2023, and comply with ETRS reporting requirements.

FCC WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICAITONS BUREAU announces that temporary fixed stations in the 6GHz band can now be registered to support spectrum sharing and coordination for protection.

JVC KENWOOD VP8000 Tri-Band P25 Radio selected as finalist for IDEA 2023 operating on VHF, UHF and 700/800MHz
Link here | The Critical Communications Review

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